Laura Basich Design is a residential and commercial design firm located in Chicago, Illinois.  Laura works collaboratively with her clients listening to their ideas to get an understanding of their personal style and in turn offers unexpected and unique solutions. Her attention to detail and consideration of client’s timeframe make working with Laura stress-free and effortless. She works impeccably across multiple aesthetics and offers a fresh perspective to each project.


Laura is the perfect balance of art and science. She understands budgets and helps you stick to them! She listens and truly demonstrated her understanding of our personal style. In every project Laura does for us, I am overjoyed with the results. She always exceeds expectations!


I can't really even express how much I LOVE Laura! Often she knows what I want before I realize it. And she always brings something to the table that is unexpected and ends up being my favorite thing. My styles were very different for a previous condo that I did and a house I am currently doing, and she works seamlessly across multiple aesthetics. I'd recommend her to anyone!


Laura is amazing and a pleasure to work with as a decorator. She is attentive, creative and listens to what your design style is yet knows when and how to interpret that into something special. She took on a major renovation of my home where we took 1/2 my house down to the studs. She oversaw all work with the contractor and was available when there was an issue.


Laura is fantastic. She is visionary, unbelievable talented and easy to work with. Gets back to me in no time. 
She design Painless Waxing Boutique layout and interior, when there was just an empty, dull, dirty space with no floors, lighting or bathrooms. She had a vision of how it could work right away and within a days she got me a more detailed plan. The whole project was as easy as could be, she was very quick to respond to any questions I might have(even on vacation!) and made all of the decisions that it needed. Please go to www.painlesswaxingboutique.com to see the photos of her amazing work. Highly recommended company!


Laura is great! She nailed it almost 90% on our first meeting. She is generous, creative and has great follow through. You do not end up with "her style" but your style only better! We did a whole house renovation over 7 months. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.